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Trade and wholesale list:
Hamnskifte - Födzlepijnan [LP, white]
Hamnskifte - Födzlepijnan [CD, digi]
Mor | Liholesie - Death comes from the North! [LP, black] *wholesale only
Mor - Lesomorie [LP, white]
Mor - Lesomorie [LP, splatter]
Nuklear Frost - Subjugation [LP, black]
Nuklear Frost - Subjugation [LP, splatter]
Nuklear Frost - Subjugation [CD, digi]
Witchprayer - Devil Worship Prayers [CD]
Falgar - La Dama Del Alba [CD]
Falgar - La Dama Del Alba [CD, digi]
Burialkult - A Call From Beyond The Grave [LP, black]
Burialkult - A Call From Beyond The Grave [LP, red]
:Vegvísir music:
Velehentor | Vishudha Kali | Closing The Eternity - Ishopanishad [CD, digi]
Ad Lux Tenebrae - Call of the Wild [CD, digi]
Vishudha kali - Psenodakh [CD, digi]
Splendor Solis - ...letum - non omnia finit... [CD, digi]
Vazhes - Seid [CD, digi]
Vresnit - Tunvet [CD, digi]
Bolverkstorm - 9 steps to death [CD, digi]
Ad Lux Tenebrae - Ghanood [CD, digi]
Velehentor - Ceremonial Death [7"EP]
Troum | Closing the Eternity with Ad Lux Tenebrae – Dilo / Secg (Scent Of Mires) [LP, black] *wholesale only
Troum | Closing the Eternity with Ad Lux Tenebrae – Dilo / Secg (Scent Of Mires) [LP, splatter] *wholesale only
Nubiferous - Mana [CD, digi]
Dvar - Piirrah [LP]
Necro Stellar - Saturating Cemetery [LP]
Black soil
Kurbonsho - Vahan Songs [CD, A5 digibook]
Aleksandr Matochkin - Traditional woeful folksongs of Russian kin [CD, digi]

Distributed titles, all available for trade and wholesale:
DRAUGAR "Weathering the Curse" [Picture LP]
Black Metal. Ltd. 500. Twilight (USA) member side-project. Suicidal & depressive Black Metal in vein of Xasthur and Twilight. [Moribund]

SUMMON "Fallen" [Picture LP]
Death/Black Metal. Lmd. 500. SUMMON return with their Sixth studio album and most accomplished work to date. "Fallen" is a collection of immediately memorable thrash anthems that do not sacrifice intensity. Recorded at Hellion Studios (Cephalic Carnage) and featuring gatefold cover art by Petagno (Motorhead), "Fallen" is the culmination of 15 years of writing, recording, and touring that undeniably proves SUMMON are America's premier Thrash Metal act! [Moribund]

BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" [Picture LP]
Satanic Death Metal, Ltd. 500. The most anticipated Death Metal record of the decade is unleashed! Rarely does music aspire beyond the physical, for that which lies beyond - offering an experience for the listener. The enigmatic BLOOD RITUAL does exactly that. A decade in the waiting/making, "Black Grimoire" breathes the supernatural. With "Black Grimoire", BLOOD RITUAL sets a new standard for melodic American Death Metal! [Moribund]

INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" [Picture LP]
Death Metal. Ltd. 500. Pure & True Death Metal. Capturing the old-school feeling lost from most of today's Death Metal bands, IL add classic touches of Thrash melodies to smash your hopes and prayers. Imagine Early Morbid Angel mixed with Infernal majesty. A mighty new horde rises from the Pacific Northwest! [Moribund]

AIGRO MUCIFELAM (Fra) "Lost Sounds Depraved" [LP]
Old school black metal bizzare from France. [Insidious Poisoning]

DEFUNTOS - Um sofrimento distante [7"EP]
Depressive Black Metal. Portugal. [Egg of nihilism]

Drudkh - Eternal Turn Of The Wheel [LP]
Atmospheric Black Metal. [Season Of Mist]

Arckanum - Helvitismyrkr [LP]
Black Metal. Limited to 500 coloured vinyl. [Season Of Mist]

SOULCIDE - The Warshadows [CD]
Raw Black Metal. So long-waited after harsh debut Black Metal orthodox from Palessie strickes with full-length. So dirty and raw... recording in professional studio just helped to create such ugly sound. Dedicated to the dead ghosts of War. Kill every christian, eat the hearts of the enemies. mp3. [Possession]

KAILASH - Past Changing Fast [CD]
Avantgarde Black Metal. 2'nd album composed in their own extremely avantgarde style according to genre masters VED BUENS ENDE - a genius mix of progressive acoustic & distorted riffs with the proper drum section. features bonus cover song on VED BUENS ENDE. [Frostscald]

NAV' - From Nav to Jav [CD, digipack]
Black Metal. Two first demos of the band that doesnt need to be presented. A new album has recently come out, and we offer to enjoy the first works of NAV. Speedy, ruthless Heathen Black Metal where every riff breathes of winter and coldness. "From Nav to Jav" (1996) and "A Hymn to Cold Silence" (1997) on one CD. Only limited digi version. [Assault]

VINTERRIKET - Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit [CD]
CD'08. Dark Ambient. 1'st ever RE-RELEASE of this Dark Ambient masterpiece with the brand new art-work with 16 pages booklet! [Frostscald]

DREPHJARD (NOR) "Maktdominans" [mCD]
Brand new album 2009. Norwegian Black Metal hateful war-machine. Cold and merciless massacre in the classic traditions, greatly upbrought and advanced since their debut on Northern Silence Productions back in 2006. [Frostscald]

KRODA (UKR) / OPRICH' (RUS) "Legend" \ "Wolfen Loyalty" [CD]
Atmospheric Pagan War Black Metal with folk elements based on Ukrainean folkish tale vs. extremely original approach to Pagan Folk Metal with violin, flute, clean male and female vocals. [Stellar Winter]

Viking/Folk Black Metal. An impressive, well produced debut album of Pagan/Folk metal straight from the heart of Russian Karelia. If you can stand just a couple of Finntroll rip-off riffs, the rest here is pure gold! For the fans of Metsatoll, Ensiferum and alikes. Comes with a 8-page fully coloured booklet. Myspace. [Varjot]

SMAGA - My Lands [mCD]
4 Songs of Slavonic Pagan Black Metal horde from Siberia. Great looking 8 page booklet with all the lyrics.[Dark Moon]

HAG-HAG-HAGAL - Hag-Hag-Hagal [CD]
CD'08. Atmospheric Martial Dark Ambient, recorded with termenvox using. [Valgriind Productions]

KARNA - Haunted (Age of Destruction) [CD]
Satanic Ambient Metal | Like lead by alchemic way transforms to gold the oppressive droning cold Dark Wave of previous KARNA turns to Blackened Ambient Metal. Its a symbolic hymn to Solitude, Emptiness and Total Darkness. Monotonous and hypnotic guitars react with stone-cold ambient sounds. 7 dead coal-black Raven's feathers reflecting the dark wolrd view of one more soul disappeared in the Gloom... [Possession]

MUTIILATION - Black Millenium (Grimly reborn) [CD]
Raw Black Metal. Official re-release by Dark Adversary. WHOLESALE ONLY! [Dark Adversary]

MUTIILATION - Hail Satanas We Are The Black Legions [CD] *wholesale only

FOREST - As a Song in the Harvest of Grief [CD]
CD'98/'08. Raw Black Metal, cold and grim as russian winters are. Harsh and evil yet heart-piercing melodic primitivism meets hypnotic darkness. Re-release with proper and enchanced artwork. WHOLESALE ONLY! [Stellar winter]

TEMNOZOR - Horizons... [CD]
Full lenght album of cult russian Pagan Black Metal band. WHOLESALE ONLY! [Stellar winter]

TEMNOZOR - Haunted Dreamscapes [CD, Digibook]
CD'10. Brand new album of russian Pagan Black Metal legend. Limited digibook version. WHOLESALE ONLY! [Stellar winter]

WALKNUT (RUS) - Graveforests and their shadows [CD]
Atmospheric Black Metal. Northern nature and mystics. Spiritual wandering in the vein of BURZUM and STRID (NOR). Includes members of TEMNOZOR, FOREST and NITBERG. WHOLESALE ONLY! [Stellar Winter]

AIGRO MUCIFELAM - Lost Sounds Depraved [CD]
Old school black metal bizzare from France. [Insidious Poisoning]

Elysian Blaze | Lyrinx | D.O.R. - Universal Absence
Glorious depressive black metal split. [Insidious Poisoning]

Maleficum Orgia - Maleficum Orgia
Old school black metal bizzare from France. [Insidious Poisoning]

Nommam erytz - Nommam erytz
Black Occult Ambient - Industrial in vein of Xasthur, Stalaggh, Diagnose: Lebensgefahr. [Insidious Poisoning]

Sektarism - L'offrande
Funeral Doom Metal made by Darvulia and Malhkebre members. [Insidious Poisoning]

BAK DE SYV FJELL (NOR) "Bak De Syv Fjell" [mCD] (4pt*)
Masterpiece of Norse Pagan Black Metal in the true spirit of 90's (STORM, ULVER, BORKNAGAR) finally re-released on MCD. Includes the members and the ex-members of WARDRUNA, GORGOROTH, HADES, DET HEDENSKE FOLK, JOTUNSPUR and SAHG. Behind the Seventh Mountain, where the northwind sings it's pride. [Stellar Winter rex]
*due to high royalty and release cost trade rate not as miniCD (3 pt) but as regular CD (4 pt).

Krieg - Patrick Bateman [mCD*] (4pt*)
Black Metal. Reissue of USBM classics. Krieg have accomplished yet another defiant landmark in the realm of musical expectations for black metal. The liner notes speak for themselves most accurately – the music in the spirit of greed, decadence and disgust that resides in every man… The soundtrack of a psychopath… [Inferna Profundus Records]
*due to high royalty and release cost trade rate not as miniCD (3 pt) but as regular CD (4 pt).

HELVETESPINE (NOR) "Frykten og Mennesket"
Painful, Distant and Dismal Black Metal from Norway, with it's etherial, cold and melancholic atmosphere similiar to STRID, FORGOTTEN WOODS and NARGAROTH's most haunted creations. A nightmare passage through the depression and torment. This is the long awaited return of the hateful spirit behind the dead ex-MARERITT project. [Stellar Winter rex]

MARERITT (NOR) "Hymner til Doden og Morket" [mCD]
Norwegian Black Metal with slow, cold and bleak simplistic riffings from this young project. Depressive indepth atmosphere and necro-sound just in the vein of early 90's demos. [Stellar Winter]

DYSPERIUM - Dysperium
Doom|Black Metal with indepth nature atmosphere, superb acoustic parts & some Black Metal touch strongly inspired by ULVER, AGALLOCH, PRIMORDIAL, AETERNUS, KATATONIA, OPETH. Features founder members of US Black Metal cult TYPHUS. [Frostscald]

Striking with their 2nd album band performs Norwegian Black Metal based on classic traditions. Album was composed around mysterious fjords & woods in the vein of WINDIR, STORM, OTYG. It brings many excellent solo melodies, powerful guitar riffs, clean vocals. Recorded & mastered by Ese from VREID. [Frostscald]

VEIL (USA) - Sombre
Fantastic Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece with some acoustic parts, reminds BURZUM, XASTHUR, PRIMORDIAL. [Stellar winter]

Vinterriket | A.E.P. - Split CD
Dark Ambient. [Asphyxiate]

Elysian Blaze - Beneath Silent Faces
Doom/Black Metal. Asphyxiate]

Navjarmaahr - The fangs of the shining night
Storming Russian Black Metal. A masterpiece!

Varhhorn - Labyrinths of Darkness
Old shcool Russian Black Metal from the Ural woods and Mountains. [Cold Breath Of Silence]

Kali Yuga / Varhorn - Aham Kali / (Vookhoo The Raven)
Raw and primitive Black Metal from the heart of Russia. [Possession Productions]

Industrial and Folk CD:
Goatpsalm - Sonic Desterilization of Light [CD, digi]
Death Industrial|Ritual|Dark Ambient. Immersion in HELL. Slow and measured soundtrack for meditation on impermanence of existence and correctness of the chosen path. Iron clang and rattle, generously flavored with ambiences and nervous guitars, squeezes your psyche. A fascinating walk through the halls without light and life. Horror Death Industrial. First ritual. No turning back. For fans of ABRUPTUM and BEHERIT’s electronic trips. [Assault]

Karna - Circle of Nav [CD]
Dark Ambient|Industrial. Subjective: one of the best albums of this project, created by KARNA ever. The first and absolutely otherworldly, lost and lifeless piece of the TRIPTYCH. The labyrinth without exit … a life without meaning, moving shadows, embodied in a cruel, cold and dark Industrial/Harsh/Ambient monument. Shuffles razors, destroys the sounds and summoning otherworldly voices. Cemetery of hopes. For fans of ABRUPTUM, BEHERIT and VELEHENTOR. [Assault]

Ad lux tenebrae - Ouroboros [CD] *wholesale only
Vishudha Kali - White Stone [CD, digi]
Vishudha Kali - Unfinished Devastation Narrative [CD, special package]
Merzbow - Don't Steal My Coat [CD]

Vedan Kolod - Tribes
Best Slavonic Pagan Folk/Ambient band! First album.
“Vedan Kolod” in it’s creative work gives own but based on the last investigations and analysis of archaeologists and folklore specialists, interpretation of events in ancient, pagan Russia before Christian’s coming. “Vedan Kolod” shows the culture of original Russian traditions and songs in author’s working. During the time of its existence, “Vedan Kolod” had revived numerous almost forgotten Russian Folk instruments – gusli, okarina, Slavonic drums, Scythian horn, sharkuncy and other, - restored and reconstructed by musical Master Valerii Naryshkin.
All this ancient kinds of instruments are used actually in a program of band, as a low throat style of singing which was existed in Ancient Russia. All songs played without any electronic processing just alive sound. Slavonic ethno-band "Vedan Kolod" has in its repertoire and author’s songs, stylized as folklore with real historical and legend material.
[Scetis Music]

Vedan Kolod - The dance of the wood spirits
Best Slavonic Pagan Folk/Ambient band! Second album.
[Scetis Music]

Vedan Kolod - Wolf`s path [DigiCD]
DigiCD'08 Newest album of Best Slavonic Pagan Folk/Ambient band!
[Slavonic Sunrise]

Ritual - International folk compilation [2CD], 6 pt
2 CD compilation, 24 track from folk bands from russia (on first CD) and world (2nd CD),
Vnuki Svatoslava, Zoloto Rakarda, Vedan Kolod, Irina pyzh’yanova, Evgenii Buntov, Voronovo krylo, Zhivaya voda, Skolot – from Russia
and Judy Brown and Vedan Kolod (Ireland – Russia), Cheinesh (Russia, Altai), Kestrel (USA), Kloketen (Chili), Vysoka (USA), Arnica (Spain), Pete Lashley (England), Weihan (Belgium), Theudho, Lab Graal (Italy) and others.
All track are exclusive! Compilation came with thick booklet with iformation and photos of all bands.
[Scythian Horn]
Usually we use standard rates. Trade is CD vs. CD / vinyl vs. vinyl, unless otherwise discussed. CDs: CD - 4 pt, digipack/digisleeve/digifile - 5 pt, 2xCD - 6 pt, digibook - 7 pt, mCD - 3 pt. Vinyl: 2xLP - 6 pt, LP - 4 pt, mLP - 3 pt, 7"EP - 2 pt. Selected trades for tapes possible, but only for "ready tapes" in cases. Feel free to contact us for trade or wholesale.
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