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:Vegvísir music:
o:001 Velehentor | Vishudha Kali | Closing The Eternity - Ishopanishad
o:002 Ad Lux Tenebrae - Call of the Wild
o:004 Vishudha kali - Psenodakh
o:006 Splendor Solis - ...letum - non omnia finit...
o:007 Vazhes - Seid
o:008 Vresnit - Tunvet
o:011 Ad Lux Tenebrae - Ghanood
o:012.1 Velehentor - Ceremonial Death
Black Soil
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Profile: Myrkr - it is way to emit to the world some rays of murk and dusk. Our path is black metal, just raw, crude, slow and atmospheric Black Metal, nothing more but nothing less.
To issue some selected ritual ambient, industrial and traditional music works we use labels :Vegvísir music: and Black soil. Our mailorder named Gjöll works both in Russia and around the world. Gjöll is a distributor of all kinds of black metal, industrial, ambient and folk music.
We are in trades, our current trade list here.
We accept demos submissions but only as tapes, CDr or link to online streaming. Please address you demo to our PO Box (see address below). Don't send links for download files nor files attached to your e-mails, we will not download such files. Those who will be considered for possible production will be contacted.

Url: http://myrkr.org/
E-mail: m [a] myrkr [°] org
Mailing address:
D. Davydov
po box 62,
620049, Ekaterinburg,

Русский сайт: http://vegvisir.gjoell.org/
Русский онлайн-магазин: http://gjoell.org/
Myrkr musikk
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Closing The Eternity
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Vedan Kolod